We are dedicated to transforming bodies and changing lives through clean eating and no joke workouts. When you leave here, you will be sweaty, you will be sore, but you will leave with a smile on your face and one day closer to your fitness goals. 




Ray "CHOP" Smith
Owner & Trainer

Sports Conditioning
Weight Management
Strength Training

Born March 14th, 1986 in Hope, Arkansas.
Grew up in Prescott, Arkansas.

Chop has always had a thing for helping people and decided that personal training was where he wanted to be. After training for years he and his brother decided to do group training in Little Rock, Arkansas where they created a program for women called Booty Boot Camp! A year later, Chop moved to Texas where he seized the opportunity to further his career as a trainer. Chop has the love and passion for training people and getting results, his love for what he does shows on Body By Chop members' faces everyday. In closing, Chop is very thankful and grateful for the loved ones and friends to help make this possible and, of course, the Man above.

If you haven’t met Chop, you're missing out on some of the best energy you can get from a human being. Hope you make a decision and take action to meet with him. Chop will help change your life! WUUURRRRKKKKK!!


“I have been training with Chop for 2 years and have never had someone motivate me the way he does. He will help you reach your goals and keep you on track. The workouts are so fun and our fit fam is like no other!”


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